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Hello World..
This site is for me and I welcome any one from anywhere who has the sir name "Hernfield" to contact me and see if there is a link.
I will use this site to store all my photos and teaching tips and tricks.
So have a look around and drop me an email .
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My main interests are studying and teaching Shukokai Karate and Martial Arts. I also spend a lot of time studying and practising Mandarin. Recently I have taken up flying at Morabbin in a Piper Warrior 4 seater plane. When ever possible I visit China to study Mandarin and tour as many places as I can.
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This site is about me and what I like.
There will be 100 or thousands of photos relating to Hernfield people and Hernfield activities. If you find this stuff of interest thats great, if not, please find other sites to visit.
Ken on stage at the Famous Shao Lin Temple Kung Fu School in Central China 2009.